Make website your marketing tool

The internet and the web has transformed the marketing landscape. The mingling of the two worlds - marketing and technology - created a new marketing paradigm. It gives new light to the meaning of branding, customer relationship, and product description. It redefined the way marketing is carried out. The restrictive marketing model is now being battered by a new-wave approach - persuasive, value-laden and inclusive.


The shadow economy, beneficial or dismal?

There has been lots of studies as to the role of informal sector in the nation's economy, and its effect on the country's economic health.

Do I really need to register my small business?

Yet, a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises remain unregistered. Many entrepreneurs - whether sole proprietors, corporate owners, or social entrepreneurs - don't even bother to have their businesses registered.

Five Entrepreneurial traits that will stand out in today’s digital economy

Come to think of it. In this present digitized economy, what entrepreneurial traits do you believe will dominate?